Environmental Scientist

Type of Position: full-time

Position Description

Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. is currently seeking a full-time environmental scientist. The position primarily involves comprehending and applying knowledge of environmental permitting, minor NEPA/NMSA reviews, data entry, and database management to transportation projects while utilizing good practice in environmental science and ecology. The ideal candidate should be able to identify and analyze well-defined problems under the direction of senior staff; make decisions consistent with Florida transportation policies; design or develop solutions to problems by applying accepted procedures and methods; and identify risks and management options. Essential tasks are included below:

  • Review roadway plans to determine permitting requirements for minor and major transportation project
  • Prepare state and federal permit applications for minor transportation projects
  • Assist in preparing and reviewing reports in support of projects, including protected species, natural habitat, environmental impacts, biological evaluations, minor NEPA/NMSA, and related regulatory requirements and compliance guidelines
  • Review documents for minor projects prepared by others, including pre-design environmental documents, permit exemption verifications, or need for additional wildlife surveys
  • Maintain spreadsheets for expiring permits and NEPA/NMSA checklist
  • Assist in preparing draft environmental scope, units, and staff hours for minor projects based on existing transportation permitting policies and guidelines
  • Attend project-related meetings

Position Criteria

The qualified candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in physical or natural sciences and four or more years of practical experience. Familiarity with FDOT/FTE projects and proficiency with Microsoft Office is required.  Experience with ArcGIS desktop is a plus.

Candidates should possess strong computer literacy; demonstrate flexibility, accountability, initiative, and self-motivation to identify and execute tasks; exercise judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate actions; and exhibit strong interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills.