Inwood Celebrates 20 Years

January 22, 2015

For 20 years, Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. has been providing a diverse range of engineering services throughout Florida. The Seminole County based consulting engineering firm has grown from five employees in 1995 to nearly 50 employees in 2015. Inwood attributes its success and stellar reputation to offering highly responsive and varied engineering services, developing solid relationships with clients, and old fashioned values such as honesty, integrity, mentoring, and hard work. Inwood’s headquarters are located in Oviedo, and branch offices are located in Tampa and Port St. Lucie. The diverse staff of engineers, environmental experts, technicians, and administrative personnel provide innovative solutions for communities throughout Florida. Consulting services and areas of practice include transportation, watershed management, ecological, parks and trails, public involvement and project communication expertise, utilities, and construction and project management. The atmosphere at Inwood is positive, health-conscious, and forward thinking. Inwood is excited about reaching this 20-year milestone, and we look forward to the next 20 years with great enthusiasm!