Indian River Estates Phase 2 Design

St. Lucie County, Florida

Inwood worked with St. Lucie County to improve the existing flooding issues in the Indian River Estates subdivision in St. Lucie County, Florida. In order to alleviate the subdivision’s stormwater issues, a drainage system was designed to convey stormwater to a previously completed pump station. In addition, the stormwater runoff from the subdivision historically drained directly into the Savannas Preserve without adequate upstream water quality treatment. The design improvements mitigated the flooding issues as well as water quality issues by redirecting runoff to the pump station which in turn discharged to a regional stormwater pond.   
The design included over 44,000 linear feet of drainage pipe, 630 drainage structures, and replacement of 320 driveways. Innovative design measures were engineered to reduce impacts to private property and the adjacent paved roads during construction. The project improvements were permitted through the South Florida Water Management District and Army Corp of Engineers.

Project Completion Date: 
April 2012