Markham Woods Road Potable and Reclaimed Water Mains

Seminole County Environmental Services

Inwood served as prime consultant for Seminole County Environmental Services and provided the design, permitting, and construction services for the Markham Woods Road Utilities project. The design required special attention to the alignment and construction methods utilized in order to preserve specimen Oak trees located along the corridor from north of Lake Mary Boulevard to Markham Road.
The final design included 11,600 linear feet of reclaimed water main and 7,600 linear feet of potable water main. Technical specifications were developed and included as part of the contract documents. Inwood also obtained an FDEP construction permit for the potable water main portion of the project. An FDEP wastewater permit was not required for the reclaimed water main as the project was within the County’s Reclaimed Water Service Area Boundary.

Project Completion Date: 
November 2008