Poinciana Park Gopher Tortoise Relocate

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Inwood served as subconsultant to Austin Environmental Consultants and provided environmental services on the Poinciana Park Gopher Tortoise Relocate project. This capital improvement project was undertaken by Polk County, Florida as part of the Poinciana Master Plan. The project included the development of roughly 29 acres of fallow pastures into a community park.
Inwood provided assistance to the County by providing an FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent to conduct the required surveys, relocation permitting, burrow excavation, and off-site relocation for 11 potentially-occupied gopher tortoise burrows. 
Key project issues included the coordination with Polk County, FWC, and the relocation site to ensure timely excavation of the burrows and removal of the occupying tortoises prior to the commencement of the park construction.    

Project Completion Date: 
September 2011