SR 40 from West of SR 11 to West of Cone Road

FDOT District Five
SR 40 bridge.

This project consists of adding two new travel lanes to an existing two-lane rural highway for approximately 7.6 miles. Twelve new retention areas were designed as well as three floodplain compensation areas. Three bridges were completely replaced and lengthened to include wildlife crossing enhancements. One wildlife crossing structure was also included as well as wildlife fencing and a 12-foot multi-use trail.
This project included wetland delineation and assessment, wildlife surveys, wildlife crossing and habitat connectivity analysis, and environmental permitting.

Ecological Scope of Services: Conducted  field  survey  and  inventories of endangered and threatened plant and animal species, developed population estimates for target species, and recommend strategies for habitat and species enhancement through increased habitat connectivity. Inwood developed a unique habitat connectivity and wildlife crossing assessment methodology to ensure consistency with current scientific literature and facilitate successful movement of wildlife through the SR 40 corridor in Marion and Volusia Counties. Surveys were conducted for southeastern American kestrel, Florida sandhill crane, gopher tortoise, gopher frog, indigo snake, Florida black bear, and listed floral species.

Project Completion Date: 
June 2016