SR 500 (OBT/US 441) PD&E Study

Florida Department of Transportation – District Five

For the SR 500 (OBT/US 441) Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study project, Inwood provided public involvement services consisting of public notification of project details through newsletters, advertisements, press releases, and project website updates. This PD&E study evaluated the two mile reconstruction of State Road 500 from a five-lane roadway to a four-lane and six-lane divided roadway in Osceola, County, Florida. Inside the project area there is a National Register of Historic Place building along the corridor as well as a cemetery. Alignments were developed to avoid these two features.
Inwood was also responsible for the typical section development, horizontal and vertical alignment, drainage and flood plain analysis, wetlands and species evaluations, and report preparation.

Project Completion Date: 
March 2012