Sun Drive Stormwater Pump Station

Seminole County Public Works

Inwood worked with Seminole County to alleviate the frequent flooding that took place during storm events at the intersection of Sun Drive and Lake Mary Boulevard in Seminole County, Florida.  A previous study performed by Seminole County identified a tailwater issue as the cause of the flooding. The pond stages during a storm event did not allow the pipe system to discharge causing the inlets to become surcharged and flooding the roadway. Several alternatives were developed in the previous study to mitigate the problem; however, the tailwater issue still remained largely unaddressed.
The County contracted with Inwood to develop, design and permit an alternative that would address the stages within the pond while meeting existing permit criteria. A Pump Station approach was conceptualized and discussed with the County. Then a meeting with St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) was organized and the concept was presented to the regulators. Due to the complexity of the proposed design, a two-phase design effort was proposed. This allowed for a Preliminary Design phase to establish and conceptualize the proposed pump station with associated improvements. The Final Design was implemented after approval of the Preliminary Design by the County to develop the final plans and specifications for permitting, bidding and construction improvements.

Project Completion Date: 
July 2011