PD&E Studies

Inwood offers preliminary engineering expertise with project development and environment (PD&E) studies and transportation planning services including the Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) process and corridor and subarea studies.

We have completed studies for simple two-to-four lane widening projects, urban arterial roadways on new alignments, interstate widening, and toll facilities. The most common type of service we provide is called a PD&E study, which was developed by FDOT. A PD&E study ensures that transportation projects are developed with consideration of current engineering standards, project costs, and minimization of social and environmental impacts while involving the public throughout the entire study process.

PD&E Study Services

  • Alternatives Development and Analysis
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Compliance
  • Coordination with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Corridor Studies
  • Data Collection
  • PD&E Studies
  • Public Hearings
  • Public Information Workshops
  • State Environmental Impact Reports (SEIR)