Print & Web Services

Since Inwood’s inception, we have been known for producing large, high quality graphic boards and displays. Our ability to clearly depict complex engineering issues in a manner that the public can easily understand has been a big factor in the success of our public involvement programs. Other print service capabilities include logo design, newsletter production, mass mailings, advertisements, and press releases.

A key component of public outreach and communication is the timely availability of clear and accurate information about the project. Our project websites incorporate a number of technologies in order to provide a graphically rich and engaging experience for the public.Typical website features include interactive maps, renderings, photo simulations, pre-produced or live streaming video, and the ability to submit comments and ask questions. Our capability of producing live web broadcasts of public meetings and hearings is especially beneficial when trying to reach a large audience that may not be able to attend in person.

Spanish translation newsletters and websites can be produced for each project as needed.