Video Production Services

Video has proven to be a great tool during the public involvement process. Inwood has provided video production services since 1998, and our capabilities have grown along with advances in technology. High definition video acquisition and a fully digital workflow and delivery method enables us to provide a high quality professional work product to our clients. Our facilities include a soundproof recording booth which allows us to record voice-over tracks in-house while giving us the flexibility to quickly record edits to the original script.

The addition of motion to our project graphics adds an additional layer of clarity when trying to explain complex design issues to those impacted by the project. Our incorporation of engineers and CADD technicians into the production process allows us to understand the underlying engineering concepts and accurately explain them to the public through video.

Video Production Experience

  • Engineering Consultants
  • Financial Services Companies
  • High School Athletics
  • Service Industry Companies
  • State, County, and City Governments