Erosion Control & Prevention

Erosion and sedimentation can have many adverse effects. It is important to employ proper techniques and precautions to avoid structural, water quality, and aesthetic impacts as well as the degradation of ecosystems. Whether a project requires erosion prevention or resolution, Inwood’s engineers and certified erosion control inspectors are equipped with the techniques and tools necessary to respond in an appropriate manner. 

Erosion Control & Prevention Services

  • Bank Hard Armoring Design (Gabions, Riprap, Articulated Block)
  • Erosion Control Inspection for NPDES Permits
  • Grade Control Structure Design
  • Lakeshore, Canal, and Stream Bank Restoration
  • Sedimentation Basin Design
  • Sedimentation Prevention
  • Soft Stabilization (Geotextiles, Geo-Reinforcement)
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Vegetative Stabilization