Transportation Services

Transportation is a key service area for Inwood. We understand the importance of well planned roadways in our daily lives and strive to provide creative, cost effective transportation solutions and project development for our clients.

Inwood has been involved in the planning and design of thousands of miles of Florida's roadways since 1995.

Water Resources

Water Resources

Inwood provides stormwater design, floodplain mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and other services through the use of the latest digital data
and analytical methods. 

Our experienced team offers solutions to effectively and efficiently design and manage many types of water resource projects that improve drainage and
water quality.

Public Involvement

Public Involvement

Inwood understands the importance of clear communication and timely public outreach on engineering projects.

Using traditional media and digital technology, we strive to alleviate concerns by addressing key issues between developers and the people directly impacted by the proposed project.


Ecological Services

Inwood is a leading ecological services provider to governmental and private clients in Florida. We offer cost-effective solutions that balance complex technical, regulatory, and stakeholder issues while supporting environmental integrity and project goals. Some of our ecological services include wildlife, wetlands, permitting, air and noise studies, geographic information systems, and land management which includes prescribed fire.


Our utilities team possesses a thorough understanding of the complex budgetary, regulatory, and political issues facing utility service providers. This understanding has been gained through our active, longstanding relationships with many public sector clients and allows us to balance practicality, regulatory requirements, and cost effectiveness.

Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Inwood provides engineering consulting services throughout the state of Florida.

Inwood is committed to holding our professional team to a higher standard of engineering and has achieved this by working closely with each client to develop innovative design solutions that meet their project needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We attribute Inwood's success to our integrity, ethical business practices, and a belief in our core values.


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